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We find the right fuel card for your business

Every carrier is DIFFERENT!

We match you with the right fuel program that fits your truck lanes and weekly fuel spend. Receive daily fuel pricing with discounts and bi-weekly payment options*.

All members get Free Truck Parking and Free Driver Showers. Also included FREE for all users is a Fuel Management Dashboard to manage Fuel Cards, Drivers, Trucks, Dispatch and more.

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Receive savings on each gallon purchased at the pump.


No setup fees, no credit checks, no gallon min requirements. No out of Network Fees

Virtual Card

App can be used as virtual card or can receive physical cards.


Get points per gallons of fuel purchased. Redeem points for cash, products and services


Control your fleet anywhere, anytime from your mobile device

Tire Discounts

Get tire and service discount at all TA Truck Service® Centers

FREE Truck Parking

All drivers that use the app get FREE Truck parking on us*

Trailer Lease

All users get discounts on trailer lease

No Credit Checks

Use your bank account as your credit line.

Free Software

Free truck software to help manage loads, trucks, trailers maintenance billing and more.

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Earn higher credit limits with usage

Build Your Credit

Up to 7 day payment terms

Multi Stop Fuel Planner

Fuel Optimization

Locate and buy fuel from the cheapest truck stops on the route and save $300 per truck/month with the most advanced GPS fuel management system. Identify fuel differences

Fuel Management

Web-based user dashboard to access data from anywhere for 24/7 Fuel Card management access. Update, change activate and de-activate fuel cards. Issue money codes and more. Analyze your fuel savings with our AI audit.

Fleet managers and owners are able to see where drivers are fueling and optimize fuel savings for the future

Big Carrier Benefits

helps small trucking companies make smarter decisions, enabling them to make more money

Fuel Optimizer

Our fuel optimization technology is ready to help you plan better routes that yield more profit and higher savings on fuel.

Profit Calculator

Knowing when, where and how much to fuel is a crucial part of the smart fuel buying decisions.

Text or  Speak with a live fuel account manager  about all your trucking needs. We also help carriers with Dispatching, Trailer Leasing and TMS Integrations.

Integrations that make a DIFFERENCE

The fuel optimization tool is linked with many APIs to make your life easier. We combine Live API Feeds for Weather, Truck Stop Parking, Tolls, Route Optimization, Dock Reviews & Daily Fuel Pricing from all the major and independent fuel chains.

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Carriers that register before April 2022 will receive special discounts on services for testing with us before we go live.

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No Credit


Days to Pay

Frequently Asked Questions

By utilizing API technology we can automatically check live balances on your account that is used as your line of credit. The more successful payments you have with us you help build your business credit.

Not all carriers will qualify for a fuel program that offers credit. Just like there are many credit card providers with different perks and rewards, its similar with fuel programs; they all have to take on some risk to bring on your account.


Your credit card will be charged the amount including the discount at time of purchase. Real time discounts are charged in real time with the credit card on file. Your cards will then be active for that daily limit.


Your cards remain ACTIVE with a daily Credit amount.  We total all trucks daily retail purchases and make one total charge  to the card on file. A successful payment confirmation will be required for the cards to remain active. Any payment decline will cause the software to automatically set tall cards to an INACTIVE status.  Customer support will have to validate purchase to re-instate carrier and activate cards. Multi declines may cause the account to go into prepaid only. Successful payments do help build your credit profile with us for qualifying for days to pay terms.

Days To Pay

For select Fleets with 10 trucks min. We allow for payment terms of up to 3 days to a pay. After 5 successful transactions we increase the days to weekly billing terms.

Each fuel provider has different Discount Networks setup that fit your specific needs.

There are the Big Retailers and then Independent “Mom & Pops”  Most programs will have some combination of the Big Retailers and Independnts.

While on average the Independent fuel chains are 20% cheaper, different fuel programs incentive you and drivers differently by going to the larger retailers. Also the amenities and fuel station check-ins 

The fuel app gives account managers and drivers access instantly to a victual card. Physical cards can take time for delivery up to 2 weeks.

Virtual Card

The virtual cards is a secure digital fuel card in the app. At the pump you wil have to manually hand enter the fuel card number. For extra securty the drivers phone number on file will be sent a verification code to put into the pump for tracking and security to prevent fraud.

Physical Cards

All accounts come with physical cards shipped standard priority mail. For rush delivery there are extra 45.00 Fee. 

For company braned cards there is a longer waiting period, for non branded cards can be delivered within 5-7 business days. Not all locations accept virtual cards or allow hand entry. We recommend going to only In-network or authorize locations that allow virtual cards while you are waiting for your physical cards to arrive.

You may ask why do I need  a fuel card?

A fleet card, commonly referred to as a fuel card or a business gas card, can help control costs in ways other payment methods can’t, ensuring money is only spent on fuel for company vehicles.

Fleet fuel cards allow your business to purchase fuel and vehicle maintenance within a network of authorized gas stations and other merchants. Your fleet manager can also see details of each transaction, which saves your company time and money. Do you want your drivers to be able to purchase fuel only, not convenience store items? That’s manageable with a fleet card. We offer you savings at the pump, which directly affects your bottom line.

Are you using a credit card instead of a fuel discount card as your primary fuel card? If so, you’re paying  too much for diesel, one of your largest operating expenses! Even if you manage to pay off the balance on your fuel credit card prior to 30 days and avoid interest payments, you’re still paying too much.

Why credit cards for fuel are a convenience at great expense

An industry survey showed that almost two-thirds of owner operators used credit cards for business expenses, including the purchase of fuel. Because of the convenience and accountability, many small to mid-size carriers also utilize credit cards for over-the-road expenses. Unfortunately, few realize that this convenience comes at great expense.

How do fleet fuel cards work?*

A fuel discount card is a specific type of fleet card, used for payment at truck stops. As the name suggests, it provides discount pricing to the trucking company. Because it performs similar to a debit card, fuel discount cards qualify for the cash price, the lowest posted price at the pumps

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